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News 21 January 2021

Meeting with the agricultural engineering system and natural resources of Isfahan province

Knowledge-based livestock companies in Isfahan province: Organization of Agricultural Engineering and Natural Resources, the main gateway for knowledge to enter the agricultural sector

Representatives of the Livestock, Poultry and Aquaculture Committee of the Association of Knowledge-Based Companies of Isfahan Scientific Research Town met with the Chairman, Vice Chairman and Chairman of the Working Group for Supporting New Ideas in the Agricultural Sector of the organization on Sunday evening, December 28, 2016.

In this meeting, Dr. Khorsandi and Mr. Basiri presented a report on the activities of this committee, noting that currently 14 knowledge-based companies are members of the Livestock, Poultry and Aquaculture Committee of Isfahan Scientific Research Town. He identified the problems of the sector and efforts to achieve knowledge-based methods to solve these problems as one of the goals of the committee and called for the organization's support in attracting investors, branding and marketing services and products of companies based in the agricultural sector.

Mr. Zalbek, Vice President of the Organization, referring to the actions of the organization in facilitating the activities of veterinary experts to increase productivity in these units, stressed that the most important issue is to train experts with sufficient skills to transfer knowledge in livestock units. Earned.

Engineer Shirbakht, a member of the council and head of the working group for supporting new ideas in the agricultural sector, also proposed the establishment of a link between farmers and farmers with knowledge-based companies through non-governmental agricultural service centers as a way to transfer scientific achievements to the field.

In this meeting, the head of the organization, while appreciating the efforts of knowledge-based companies in the agricultural sector, emphasized that the Organization of Agricultural Engineering and Natural Resources with the identification of the agricultural engineering profession, consolidation of employment licenses, organizing non-governmental agricultural service centers and specialized non-governmental agricultural centers. The involvement of unqualified people in agricultural engineering affairs, through the university, has strengthened the inflow of public capital and created sustainable employment opportunities in the agricultural sector.

Emphasizing that the Organization of Agricultural Engineering and Natural Resources is the main gateway for knowledge to enter the agricultural sector, Mr. Taghipour said: "While supporting knowledge-based companies to produce technological goods or services, we try to achieve these achievements through integrated networks in rural centers and the nearest point." Provide communication with users for implementation.

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